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Petaluma is home to one of California’s oldest and best preserved downtown shopping districts.  Many of the buildings date back before the 1900’s.  The downtown area boasts great restaurants, boutiques, salons and art galleries.  Downtown's vibrant Historic District is the focal point for Petaluma’s thriving arts & entertainment community. From the contemporary to the classic, the Historic District features a wide variety of music venues, galleries, movie theater and a downtown museum. Relocate your business here and your employees will thank you as they enjoy the local shopping and food.  Or, consider starting your own business in our downtown and discover how the charming architecture, tourism and local foot traffic combine for a great business opportunity.

If you do decide to open a business in the downtown, historic area, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Business Improvement District:

There is a local Business Improvement District that charges a small fee to each business to pay for joint marketing, security and maintenance of the downtown.
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BID Fees

Petaluma Downtown Association:

The Petaluma Downtown Association provides marketing and event coordination for the downtown. More info. 

Building and Planning:

Developing and improving historic buildings requires some special care and consideration.  You will need to look at each building and determine if any masonry, fire sprinkler or accessibility upgrades are needed.  To find out more contact the building department cdd @ ci.petaluma.ca.us .  Changes to the exterior of historic buildings may also require an historic review process.  For questions about that check with the planning department at petalumaplanning @ ci.petaluma.ca.us


Get business development updates

Get Business Development Updates

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Contact Information

For business assistance, contact:
Ingrid Alverde, Economic Development Manager
ialverde @ ci.petaluma.ca.us, 707-778-4549