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Presentations During Public Comment

Instructions for Making Presentations During Public Comment

If you are making a presentation during Public Comment at any City Council, Commission, Board or Committee meeting, please help us make your presentation successful.

We must make sure your material is compatible with our equipment, or you'll have disruption and possibly no presentation at all.

Please inform the City Clerk (for City Council meetings), or Staff Liaisons (for other meetings) of your intent to make a presentation, via email. For other meetings, email addresses are listed on the members page for the body you're presenting to Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

Please remember:

  • You must use the equipment provided in the Council Chambers, which is a Dell laptop; it runs video DVD, Powerpoint, Word, Excel and can browse web sites.
  • If your presentation includes viewing a web site, please send the web address (URL) to the City Clerk, or the Staff Liaisons (in the case of other meetings), 72 hours prior to your meeting.
  • If your presentation is a DVD or CD, please bring in the DVD or CD 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  • If your presentation is only a few files, you can email them to us (City Clerk for Council meetings, Staff Liaisons for other meetings), 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Your material must be suitable for public meetings, and may not contain defamatory or vulgar language or any video content that would be prohibited.
  • Your presentation must be limited to 3 minutes, and consistent with all other Public Comment rules.
  • If you're making a slide show, we can upload Acrobat or Powerpoint content to our web streaming solution.
  • You must still complete a Speaker Card, a supply of which is located in the rear of the Council Chambers, the day of the meeting. The completed card should be given to the City Clerk. The Mayor/Chairperson will call your name when it is your turn to speak.
  • If you have paper to distribute to Council, please make ten copies and give them to the City Clerk at the meeting.


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