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Bike Routes

This shapefile contains data on current and proposed class 1, 2 and 3 bike routes in Petaluma Updated 7/24/2014

Building Footprints

This shapefile is collection of polygons that represent building footprints in Petaluma

Updated 5/27/2014

City Limit

The current City Limit of Petaluma

Updated 5/27/2014

GP2025 Land Use

The zip file contains the shapefile used in the 2025 Land Use Map including Land Use, Gateways, Community Seperator, and SMART rail stations. Additional shapefiles used in the map are included with the Zoning 2008 shapefiles.

Updated 8/25/2014


These two shapefiles contain polygons and lines representing water features in Petaluma

Updated 5/27/2014


This shapefile contains polygons representing parcel, or property, boundaries in Petaluma

Updated 5/27/2014


Petaluma parks represented as polygons

Updated 5/27/2014


Petaluma schools represented as point features

Updated 5/27/2014


Petaluma street centerlines

Updated 5/19/2014


Petaluma transit routes and stops

Updated 5/27/2014

Urban Growth Boundary

This file contains shapefiles for the current adopted Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), and a shapefile showing possible future expansion areas.

Updated 5/27/2014

Zoning 2008

This collection of shapefiles together make up the 2008 Zoning Map which is part of the 2008 Implementing Zoning Ordinance. For specifics on the included layers, refer to the metadata document included with the zip file.

Updated 5/27/2014




Maps to Download and Print

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the following maps. These maps are also available in hardcopy at the Community Development Department.



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