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Petaluma Fire Department, along with the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce 2013 Leadership Class, has competed our Public Service Announcement that will be playing before each movie in Petaluma for 3 months, starting in early August. The logo’s at the end reflect organizations that donated time/money to make this happen. THANK YOU Dan Farren for all your hard work producing this!


Petaluma Fire Dept and EMS in the News

Off-Duty Petaluma Firefighter Saves 8 Year Old Boys Life

Historical Overview
The Petaluma Fire Department has been providing a transport ambulance service for the City since the 1930's!  We were one of the first Fire Departments to hire Firefighter/Paramedics and begin Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services in 1982.  Our ambulances provide service not only to the City proper, but also to a 160 square mile county area surrounding the city.

The Fire Department is allocated 21Firefighter/Paramedics and the balance of the 45 total Firefighters are all EMT certified.  The Ambulance Service augments and supports the firefighting forces of the department.  It has been and is today the pride of the Department and the City and provides for an essential service to the community.

The Ambulance Service is designed as an enterprise fund and the fees charged for service cover all expenditures of the program.  There are two first line ambulances on-duty 24/7.  At least two out of three of our first line engines are staffed with a paramedic 80% of the time.  Petaluma Valley Hospital receives 80% of our patient transports.

The Fire Department is continuously searching for ways to expand and improve our Ambulance Enterprise.  We are constantly training and learning to provide the most up to date and effective service possible.

2 Steps !

Contact Information

Leonard Thompson, Fire Chief

Jeff Schach,
Assistant Chief - Fire Administration, Operations & Disaster Preparedness, EMS Division

Jessica Power,
Fire Marshal – Fire Prevention & Technical Services Division

Dave Kahn,
Battalion Chief

Chad Costa,
Battalion Chief - Communications, Technology

Mike Medeiros,
Battalion Chief - Communications, Technology, Training

Kevin Weaver,
Interim Battalion Chief - Support Services Division, Safety & Wellness


Petaluma Fire Department Location:
198 ‘D’ St.
Petaluma, CA 94952
phone: 707.778.4390
alternative emergency phone:
fax: 707.931.0668
Fire Prevention Bureau Location:
22 Bassett Street
Fire Marshal
phone: 707.778.4389
fax: 707.206.6036
mailing address:
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA 94952