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In the last part of the 20th century, community leaders began to see renewed potential for recreation, environment, and economic development along the river that gave our city life. 

With help from the California Coastal Conservancy, a panel of city and community leaders developed The Petaluma River Access and Enhancement Plan (approved in 1996).  This visionary plan addresses river protection and supports new access points for people to reach the river and use it recreationally — for walking, cycling, fishing, bird and wildlife watching, boating, landscape painting, or relaxing.

In 2008, the city received a grant from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program to provide a staff person to help develop a “river trail.”  A shirtsleeves working group of city and community advocates, the Petaluma River Access Partnership or “P-RAP,” was established to conceive a pedestrian and bicycle path along the waterfront; identify and enhanced public access to the river; and plan for river-related recreation amenities including community access points, public restrooms, and interpretive signage. The NPS coordinated with partner organizations in the planning of the Community Boathouse and the David Yearsley River Heritage Center.

The members of the P-RAP team recognize this is an ambitious project, and are eager for residents and professionals in related fields, such as contractors and landscape architects, to join them as volunteers in shaping the future of the Petaluma River and waterfront area, while honoring the numerous already approved city plans that provide river access.

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