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We are committed to upholding the duty, honor and professional reputation that define law enforcement service. We adhere to unwavering integrity, accountability, fairness and courage. We believe in treating all people with respect, and in having understanding and compassion for others. We will selflessly pursue the law enforcement mission while continuing the pursuit of excellence.


We are a team. We take pride in our organization, our individual achievements and our contribution to the team. All members of our team are empowered and trusted to fulfill and exceed their expectations. The needs of individuals and the needs of the organization are thoughtfully managed to create a rewarding and high performing workplace. Working cooperatively toward common goals, each individual understands and accepts their significant role in ensuring our organization fulfills its mission. We will maintain open and clear lines of communication to ensure our collective success.

Organizational Excellence

Our people are our biggest asset, and we are committed to making a difference. We endeavor to deliver competent law enforcement services through proficient and credible management. We strive to maintain a professional, highly trained and cohesive management team who provide quality leadership. We encourage initiative and innovation, decision making at every level, personal growth and foster an environment of trust and involvement. Training, the constant pursuit of technology and innovation, coupled with our willingness to accept new ideas allows us to create opportunities. We encourage each member to develop their skills and knowledge through individual training, research study and personal development.


The core beliefs of respect, trust, involvement and recognition form the basis of our leadership style. We expect people to contribute their best effort at all times. We believe people contribute fully when they feel included and should be appreciated and recognized for what they do well. We believe people complete their work objectives best with clear direction and minimal supervision. Every person is responsible and accountable for their actions and expected to model the Performance Principles.


We desire a strong partnership with the community to achieve our mission of providing the finest law enforcement services possible. We believe community involvement leads to greater responsiveness, positive citizen involvement and satisfaction, and a better understanding of our law enforcement role. We promote effective partnerships between our organization and interested parties, to find mutual positive results. We focus our efforts on helping to create a community where people can live, work, play and raise their families in the safest environment possible.

Winning Attitude

We believe in a desire to succeed and the ability to motivate and inspire the same positive attitude in others. We want to create and encourage contagious enthusiasm and a winning attitude. We seek solutions, not excuses. We continuously strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our performance. We see challenges as opportunities for growth and meet resistance with persistence. We believe winning is a byproduct of hard work and an example of our will to succeed. We expect the best from our people.

Contact Us

EMERGENCY cell phone calls: 707.762.2727


Non-Emergency: 707.778.4372
Fax: 707.656.4059

Ken Savano, Chief of Police
969 Petaluma Blvd. North
Petaluma, CA 94952


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Administration 707.778.4370

Code Enforcement 707.778.4469

Graffiti Hotline 707.776.3606

Records 707.778.4372

Property & Evidence 707.778.4328

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Report Habitual DUI Offenders 707.778.4379

Parking and Abandoned Vehicle Complaints 707-776-3710


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