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Petaluma Massage Ordinance Information

The Massage Ordinance may be viewed here.


If you have been employed continuously as a massage professional within the city limits of Petaluma since January 1, 2010; And you are NOT CAMTC certified; You may apply for a Massage Permit from the Petaluma Police Department. Reference 8.38.040 Petaluma Municipal Code. This application must be received within 120 days of October 16, 2013.


If you have not been employed continuously since January 1, 2010, in Petaluma or are establishing a new practice; You must provide a valid CAMTC Certificate and obtain a City of Petaluma Business License. Reference 8.38.040 Petaluma Municipal Code.


Information on the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and CAMTC certifications may be found here: https://camtc.org/


Who is entitled to receive Police reports?

Victim of a crime: If you are the victim of a vandalism or burglary, you are entitled to receive a copy of the report. If your incident resulted in an arrest, you will receive a redacted (edited) copy of the report until the case is adjudicated through the DA's office.

Traffic collision participants: If you are involved in a traffic collision, you are entitled to receive a copy of your report. Only individuals directly involved in the accident - drivers, passengers, and registered owners of vehicles - are entitled. You insurance company is entitled to receive a copy and may request it on your behalf.

Victim of assault or domestic violence: If you are the victim of an assault or domestic violence, you are entitled to receive a copy of the report. If your incident resulted in an arrest, you will receive a redacted (edited) copy of the report until the case is adjudicated through the DA's office.

What kind of reports CANNOT be released?

Arrest reports: If you have been arrested - either booked into jail or cited - you are not entitled to receive a copy of the report from the police department. You will receive a copy from the courts or your defense attorney.

Reports involving minors - Any report involving a minor (17 years of age or younger) is not releasable to anyone without a court order. This includes the parents and/or reporting parties.

Medical reports - Any report consisting of medical information, including 72-hour mental health commitments (5150 reports), are not releasable without a court order to anyone, including the victim.

How do I request a police report?

You must request your report in writing. Complete the Application for Release of Information form, available here in PDF form. Due to staffing limitations, Petaluma does not provide counter service. You may come to the police department and make your written request or send your request via mail. Your request will be researched and a determination made as to whether you are entitled to a copy of the report.

Traffic collisions: $10.00

Request a Traffic Collision Report Online

Crimes: $10.00
Domestic violence victims: $10.00

Mail requests to:
Petaluma Police Dept.
Attn: Records
969 Petaluma Bl. N.
Petaluma, CA 94952

If the report is approved and available, your request will take between seven and ten working days to complete. Not all reports are available when you request them. Especially complex cases and traffic collisions involving injuries or fatalities can take significant investigation on the part of the officer.

What is a clearance letter?

You may request a letter from Petaluma that states that you have no criminal history with this department (provided you have a clear criminal record). The letter only includes the previous eight years and only encompasses Petaluma Police's jurisdiction.

How do I obtain one?

You must provide a copy of your valid driver's license, a written request, and a fee of $12.00. Due to staffing constraints, we do not provide counter service. Most request can be fulfilled within two days, providing the requestors record is clear.

How do I obtain a solicitor's permit?

If you plan on selling door-to-door, solicit for nonprofit donations, or sell food from a truck or mobile stand, you must have a valid permit issued from the police department. Please contact the department for a solicitor's packet, which outlines what you need to provide, including all fees.

My car was towed, how do I get it back?

Towed cars can only be released to their registered owner. No exceptions.

An administrative fee must be paid to the police department to obtain a tow release. Then, you may present your release to the tow company and pay its fees.

Current fees: Administrative tow fee: $105 The tow: $135 Daily storage: $40 per day (fees are subject to change)

What's the difference: stored or impounded?

Stored cars can be released to the registered owner at any time. All fees must be paid for the owner to obtain the car. The owner must provide a valid California driver's license to obtain the car.

Impounded cars are held for 30 days. The most common reason a car is impounded is if the driver does not have a valid California driver's license or is driving on a suspended license. The registered owner can come to a tow hearing to speak to a traffic sergeant about the case. The sergeant will determine if the can be released early. Tow hearing results are final.

My property was vandalized or my car was broken into, how do I make a report?

Citizens who are victims of certain crimes can complete a citizen crime reports. Often, your insurance company will require a police report to honor a claim. If you cannot provide a suspect in a crime, a citizen crime report will usually satisfy this requirement. Car vandalisms or break ins, property vandalism, and lost property are types of crimes that can be reported via a citizen crime report. Please contact the departments business line at 707-778-4372 to obtain a citizen crime report.

If you are the victim of identity theft, stolen checks, or fraud, an officer must take a report. Contact the business line to have an officer dispatched to take the report.


EVIDENCE: Items seized as evidence may be released 60 days after court adjudication of the case, or by order of the court. Items left unclaimed after 60 days of the court adjudication will be disposed of without further notice. Property used in the commission of a crime will not be released. SEARCH WARRANT (1536 PC): All property taken during the service of a search warrant can only be released by order of the court.

FOUND PROPERTY: Items must be held for ninety (90) days pending notification of the rightful owner. The finder may file a found property affidavit and claim the property after 90 days.

SAFEKEEPING: Any property being held by this department for safekeeping (except firearms) must be retrieved within sixty (60) days of seizure. Failure to do so will invalidate any claim and the property shall be disposed of in accordance with the law.

Property is available by appointment only, Monday through Thursday. Please call the Property and Evidence Unit at 707-778-4328 for more release information.


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