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The City of Petaluma is committed to providing alternative access to information about programs and services.

Visually Impaired

Our website redesigns have implemented considerations for screen readers. We attempt to link all images with a description attribute that will be visible if your browser supports the alt-text function. We also provide descriptions of images that contribute to the content of the web page. By selecting the symbol “d” following the image, you will reach a detailed description clearly describing the content of the image. At the end of the description you can select “Return” to go back to the image. All City of Petaluma departments are required to have a “contact” page on the City's site. If a web page has an on-line form that is not accessible, please call the phone number or e-mail the office listed to get help obtaining the form or completing it. Some of our information is map-driven and cannot reasonably accommdate screen readers.

Website Accessibility Guidelines
  • All City of Petaluma web pages shall support text browsers directly on the page.
  • All hyperlinks to PDF documents will include the word “PDF” within the hyperlink description.
  • Every graphic image shall have an "Alt" tag with a short description of that graphic image. If the graphic image is being used as a hyperlink, it will also include a description of the information at the hyperlink.
  • Images that contribute to the content of the page shall be linked by a “d.” The “d” will be a selectable hyperlink to a description of the image. In addition, a “Return” hyperlink will be located at the end of the description so that the user can return to the image on the original page.
  • Hyperlink text shall contain descriptive words. Words like “this”, “here”, or “click” alone do not convey information about the nature of the link and will not be used.
  • All department, division and project-level pages are required to have a “contact” page. The page will provide a phone number or e-mail address for obtaining the form or requested information.
  • The use of frames will be avoided since they are not supported by all browsers and cannot be read intelligently by screen readers. Newspaper style layouts with text wrapping from one column to the next will not be allowed.
  • We attempt to limit “table nesting” to reduce adverse effects on screen readers.


Documents for ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan for the City of Petaluma, 2010

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