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Water and Wastewater Rates

City of Petaluma, California
Summary of Utility Rates (Water and Wastewater)
Effective July 1, 2019

The City of Petaluma bills for water and wastewater (sewer) services on a monthly basis. Both of these services are included in your monthly water bill. The following is a summary of the service charges:

Section 1.0 Water Rates
Water bills include a fixed monthly service charge and consumption charge. The fixed monthly service charge is driven by costs independent of water consumption and is based on the meter size. Most residential meters are 5/8" meter. Expenditures that influence this charge include system replacement costs, service and main line maintenance, and administrative costs. Consumption charges for commercial and industrial customers are based on a single rate. The consumption charge for single-family residential customers is based on four tiers. The average single-family household will see some usage in the second tier. Typical water consumption for a single-family residential customer is about 7 hundred cubic feet (hcf) per month, or 5,236 gallons. Please note that 1 hcf = 748 gallons.

1.1 Water Service Charges (Effective July 1, 2019)

The fixed monthly service charge is based on meter size.


Size of Service

Fixed Service Charge

Multi-Family: Per Dwelling Unit $8.64
Up to 1" Meter (residential) $14.40
Up to 3/4" (non-residential) $14.40
1" Meter $22.44
1 1/2" Meter $42.56
2" Meter $66.73
3" Meter $123.10
4" Meter $203.63
6" Meter $404.92


1.2 Water Consumption Charges (Effective July 1, 2019)



Consumption Charge

Single Family Residential ($/hcf) ($/cf)
Tier 1 (0-4.00 hcf) $3.95 $0.0395
Tier 2 (4.01-8.00 hcf) $4.41 $0.0441
Tier 3 (8.01-16.00 hcf) $5.04 $0.0504
Tier 4 (16.01+ hcf) $5.96 $0.0596
All Other Customers $4.41 $0.0441
Temporary Service & Water Haulers $6.69 $0.0669

1.3 Example of Single Family Residential Customer Water Charge
For an average single-family residential customer, with a 5/8" meter and using 7 hcf monthly, the first 4 hcf would be charged at $3.95 per hcf. The next 3 hcf would be charged at $4.41 per hcf. The total bill would be as follows:

Service Charge   $14.40
Consumption Charge (4 hcf x $3.95) + (3 hcf x $4.41`) $29.03
Total Monthly Charge   $43.43

Section 2.0 Wastewater Rates
Wastewater rates for commercial and industrial customers are based on a fixed monthly service charge and a commodity charge based on water use. Wastewater rates for residential customers are based on a fixed service charge plus a commodity charge based on average water usage during the winter months. The average household in Petaluma uses approximately 5 hcf (3,740 gallons) of water per month during the winter months.

2.1 Wastewater Charges (Effective July 1, 2019)

Fixed Charge On Billings Rendered On and After July 1, 2019


Fixed Service Charge

Single-Family Residential $30.99
Multi-Unit Residential (per dwelling unit) $26.35
Unmetered Residential (per dwelling unit) $94.92
Up to 3/4" Meter $30.99
1” Meter $49.87
1 1/2" Meter $96.96
2” Meter $153.50
3” Meter $285.49
4” Meter $474.05
6” Meter $945.34

Metered Industrial

2” Ultrasonic $426.90
10” Ultrasonic $945.35
2” Magnetic Meter $285.49
3” Magnetic Meter $622.72
4” Magnetic Meter $993.08
6” Magnetic Meter $2066.67


2.2 Wastewater Commodity Charge (Use Charge)

Commodity Charge On Billings Classification Rendered On and After July 1, 2019.




Commodity Charge

Residential ($/hcf) ($/cf)
Single-Family ($/hcf) $9.13 $0.0913
Multi-Unit ($/hcf per dwelling unit) $9.13 $0.0913

Commercial (water use per bill, $/hcf)

Low-Strength $8.89 $0.0889
Medium-Strength $11.56 $0.1156
High-Strength $15.48 $0.1548

Metered Industrial Users (based on sampling results)

Flow (water use per bill, $/hcf) $7.39 $0.0739
BOD (sample, $/lb) $1.04 per lb.
TSS (sample, $/lb) $1.19per lb.


2.3 Example Single Family Residential Wastewater Charge
All wastewater customers are charged a flat service charge plus a commodity charge. The commodity charge for residential customers is based on the amount of water used during the winter months or actual water usage, whichever is lower. The winter water usage billing method is designed to more fairly distribute the costs of operating the wastewater system. Water consumed during the winter months of the year approximates wastewater (sewage) flow. This is because landscape irrigation should be minimal, and therefore most, if not all, water consumed during this period is returned to the wastewater (sewer) system. This approach also rewards water conservation. New customers without consumption history are assigned an average wintertime usage average of 5 units until there is sufficient consumption history to compute the average.



For this example, the monthly wastewater charges for a single family with a monthly average of 5 units is:


Monthly Wastewater Fixed Fee Base Charge   $30.99
Wastewater Use Charge (5 x $9.13) $45.65
Total Monthly Charge   $76.64



Winter water averages are updated in July, using the average winter water usage from the previous winter.



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